Emerald Penthouse

Emerald Penthouse Interior Showcase

Explore the vibrant interior space through 3d visualizations and learn about the penthouse design process inspired by a painting.
Emerald Penthouse Interior Showcase

Design mood board

Inspired by Once In A Lifetime painting of Todd Clark

I wanted to create a space that was both stylish and functional, the perfect complement for Art Nouveau style of the Amery Residence and the design mood board served as a guiding force throughout the process. The end result is a stunning space that reflects the perfect combination of classic and modern elements.

The interior design of the Emerald Penthouse was primarily inspired by Todd Clark's painting "Once in a Lifetime". The painting's striking blue and green hues served as the basis for the entire design. I used velvet blue and green upholstery on the furniture, which complemented the stunning white marble with golden accents. Dark walnut wood accents and jungle pattern wallpaper add depth and texture to the space, while the chevron oak flooring throughout the penthouse gives it a cohesive and elegant look.

Emerald Penthouse floor plan and area details
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Living space

A High-end and Comfortable Haven

With its 3-meter ceiling height and floor-to-ceiling windows, the living space is filled with natural light, making it an inviting and comfortable haven. The space is expertly designed to blend form and function, ensuring that every piece serves a purpose while still contributing to the overall aesthetic of the room.

The plush green velvet Poliform Bellport sofas are not only visually stunning but also incredibly comfortable, perfect for long evenings spent lounging and relaxing. The round brushed bronze and glass Cattelan Italia Arena coffee table adds a touch of sophistication to the room, while the Lampatron Bertolda ring chandelier above the sofas create a warm and welcoming ambiance. The marble and walnut Bonaldo Doppler K sideboard behind one sofa is both practical and stylish, providing ample storage space while complementing the overall design aesthetic. The walnut wood TV wall with marble accents and a fireplace serves as a stunning focal point for the room, perfect for entertaining guests or simply enjoying a cozy evening in.

To complete the space, I selected the Beolab 28 audio system by Bang & Olufsen, which provides exceptional sound quality and is a beautiful design piece in its own right. Overall, the living space in AR08 Penthouse is a perfect blend of luxury and comfort, designed to be both visually stunning and functional. The result is a space that is not only beautiful but also functional and comfortable – a true haven in the heart of the city.

3d visualization of the Emerald Penthouse living space, dining space and kitchen
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Kitchen & dining space

A Gourmet Kitchen and Dining Experience

The dining area is the perfect place to host dinner parties or enjoy a cozy meal at home. The six velvet blue BoConcept Vienna swivel chairs around the walnut BoConcept Alicante dining table are not only comfortable, but also add a pop of color to the space. The jungle pattern Limerence wallpaper by House of Hackney will bring a taste of the tropics to the interior that is sure to impress your guests. The bubble pendant lighting by Giopato & Coombes adds a playful touch to the space, while the floor-to-ceiling windows ensure that the space is flooded with natural light. The dining area and kitchen flow seamlessly into each other, creating a cohesive and inviting space.

The kitchen is designed with the home chef in mind. The walnut cabinets, Calacatta marble countertops, and golden accents add an element of luxury, while the transparent glass cupboard adds a modern and practical touch. The built-in coffee machine, wine cooler, cooktop, and oven is part of the Dolce Stil Novo kitchen appliance collection by SMEG features minimalist styling in black eclipse glass and refined copper or stainless-steel detailing to create a timeless, elegant aesthetic.

At every turn, the attention to detail in AR08 Penthouse is evident. From the carefully selected materials to the thoughtful layout, every element of the kitchen and dining space is designed to create a high-end and comfortable haven that you will love coming home to.

Emerald Penthouse dining and kitchen visualization by Amery Digital
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Bedroom & workspace

Your own Private Oasis in the city center

The bedroom and workspace in Emerald Penthouse are designed to be a peaceful oasis. The jungle wallpaper used on one of the bedroom walls adds a touch of the outdoors, while the Branching Bubble pendant light above the bed creates a calming atmosphere. The grey velvet River bed by and walnut side table by Bonaldo provide the perfect place to relax, while the classy brass sculptural side table lights by Oluce add a touch of elegance. The wardrobe against the bed is fully custom with transparent doors, allowing for easy access to your clothes.

The workspace is designed to inspire creativity and productivity. The dark teal walls with elegant molding panels create a luxurious backdrop for the space. The abstract painting by Stephane Villafane above the desk adds a touch of inspiration and creativity, while the accent lighting above the desk creates a cozy ambiance. The Flexform Romeo compact sofa provides a comfortable seating area for brainstorming sessions, while the Cupertino walnut office desk and Vienna leather chair by BoConcept offer a sleek and functional workspace.

Branching Bubble pendant lamp above bed in the bedroom
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